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Babington Technology


Single Pallet Expeditionary Kitchen (SPEK)

NSN: 7360-01-514-1442

The Babington Single Pallet Expeditionary Kitchen (SPEK) is a TEMPER tent-based field kitchen designed to support 550 Airmen with three hot UGR H&S meals daily.


Babington Single Pallet Expeditionary Kitchen (SPEK)The entire kitchen assembly is transportable on a single 463L Aviation Pallet system. The SPEK can be set up and operational in three hours or less by five Airmen. Powered by its own 2KW diesel generator, the SPEK requires no external utility support. When augmented by a Babington Powered Multi-Fuel Burnder (PMB) and the Silent Griddle, The SPEK can support upwards of 1,000 personnel with a combination of UGR and fresh rations.

The SPEK capability was requested by the Air Force and partially developed by Natick Research and Development Command in Natick, Massachusetts. Natick specified the tent and supporting equipment, but after three years, could not develop a working cooking and sanitation system. Within one month of being contacted, Babington Technology supplied improved Tray Ration Heaters (TRH) and Field Sanitation Units (FSU) to make the SPEK system operational. Two months later, the Air Force contracted Babington Technology to supply the complete SPEK under NSN: 7360-01-514-1442.

The Babington Single Pallet Expeditionary Kitchen (SPEK) was successfully fielded during Operation Enduring Freedom.


The SPEK is designed to be used with UGR H&S rations. With the addition of the Babington-Boil-in-bag liner, Air Force units can upgrade to UGR-A rations as soon as refrigeration systems become available. Adding the Babington PMB and PMB Griddle assembly can provide a quick and inexpensive way to add traditional comfort foods to the menu mix. Griddles are used to prepare a variety of menu items. Some examples include scrambled eggs, hamburgers and hot dogs, steak, bacon and eggs, French toast, pancakes and the ever popular, Babington Reuben Sandwich.

Babington Single Pallet Expeditionary Kitchen (SPEK)

Babington Single Pallet Expeditionary Kitchen (SPEK)

Babington Single Pallet Expeditionary Kitchen (SPEK)

Key Components of the Single Pallet Expeditionary Kitchen include:

  • Babington Tray Ration Heater (TRH)
  • Babington Field Sanitation Unit (FSU)
  • 3-Section TEMPER Tent
  • Portafloor Tent Flooring
  • 2 KW Tactical Quiet Diesel Generator
  • Tent Lights
  • Halogen Outdoor Work lights
  • Cambro Shelving
  • Cambro Food and Beverage Containers
  • Alulite Folding Tables
  • Assorted Tools
  • Assorted Stainless Steel Food Pans
  • Assorted Kitchen Wares
  • Cleaning Gear
  • Waste Handling Equipment
  • Liquid Detergent
  • Liquid Bleach
  • Insulated Safety Gloves
  • First Aid Kit

Operating Specifications

The Babington Single Pallet Expeditionary Kitchen can operate in nearly any climate. The 3-section TEMPER Tent has insulating kits available which allow its use in very cold climates. Externally provided Environmental Control Units can provide targeted cooling and heating air as appropriate to the operational theater. The UGR H&S rations are shelf stable and do not require refrigeration. For specific operating features of the resident Tray Ration Heater and Field Sanitation Units, please go to their respective product pages on this web site.

Burner System. The SPEK appliances come with an Airtronic burner with the capacity to heat the tray ration heater and field sanitation unit to their appropriate target temperatures. The burner is mounted in the same fashion as all Babington military appliances. As such, it is capable of being quickly and easily removed for maintenance or replacement. The Airtronic burner meets Underwriter Laboratories (UL) Standard No. 296.

Fuel Utilization and Consumption. The Airtronic burner is self-priming and operates on the complete family of distillate fuels. These include, but are not limited to, DF1, DF2, arctic, and JP8 diesel fuels. The Airtronic burner has a variable firing of .2 gph - .6 gph. Adjusting the firing rate is accomplished with a single screw-type mechanism. No parts changes are required. The high efficiency heat exchangers in the SPEK appliances allow a medium burner setting (about .40 gph) to satisfy all cooking and heating requirements.

Electrical Control Box. The electrical control box is waterproof and contains a pull-on/push-off illuminated switch, an auto and boil mode switch, and an amphenol power receptacle.

Voltage and Current. The SPEK appliances operate on 120 VAC, 50/60Hz, with a maximum current draw of about 150 watts each.

Maintainability and Repairability. Routine maintenance and repair of the SPEK appliances require only standard hand tools. All electrical and control elements are conveniently located to offer ease of accessibility.

Operating temperatures. The Single Pallet Expeditionary Kitchen is operable and functional at ambient temperatures of 50°F to + 120°F.

Altitude. The Single Pallet Expeditionary Kitchen is operable at altitudes up to 8,000 feet above sea level with proper air mixture adjustment.

Procurement Shipping Dimensions. The Babington Single Pallet Expeditionary Kitchen ships commercially in three crates and three pallets. Once received, they system must be palletized onto a 463L Aviation pallet in accordance with Air Force Services directives.

For planning purposes, crate and pallet dimensions (in inches) follow:

  • Crate 1 is the Tray Ration Heater and Maintenance Kit; 74 x 30 x 37; 524 lbs.
  • Crate 2 is the Field Sanitation Unit; 106 x 41 x 54; 564 lbs.
  • Crate 3 is the TEMPER Tent; 102 x 36 x 44; 1098 lbs.
  • Pallet 1 is primarily the tables, storage shelves, trashcans and work lights; 70 x 64 x 42; 975 lbs.
  • Pallet 2 is primarily the generator, grounding rod and fuel cans, all food pans, tools and support equipment; 50 x 48 x 60; 685 lbs.
  • Pallet 3 is primarily the tent flooring, tent lights, Cambro insulated food containers and sledge hammer; 52 x 41 x 63; 689 lbs.

For units who only require the cooking and sanitation capability, a 3-piece SPEK consisting of the Tray Ration Heater, Maintenance Kit and Field Sanitation Unit is available under the following NSN: 7360-01-514-1413