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Babington Technology


The Containerized Kitchen-Enhanced (CK-E)

Improves Warfighter Safety and Enhances Operational Energy Efficiency

For over 25 years, Babington has been providing heat-on-the-move food service equipment that meets and exceeds the U.S. Military's mandates for efficiency, reliability and safety.

We now proudly introduce the latest in field-feeding innovation – the closed combustion Containerized Kitchen Enhanced (CK-E) that completely eliminates carbon monoxide exposure, dramatically reduces interior heat and fuel consumption to improve Warfighter safety and meet operational energy requirements.


Container Kitchen
Containerized Kitchen-Enhanced-Able to feed an Army of One or  Thousands
Containerized Kitchen-Enhanced-Fast Setup and Shutdown
Containerized Kitchen-Enhanced

The Container Kitchen-Enhanced (CK-E) is designed with Babington Technology's closed combustion appliances which eliminate carbon monoxide (CO) exposure, and dramatically reduces heat and noise, as well as fuel and energy consumption to improve soldier safety and operational energy efficiency. The CK-E is designed to feed a battalion of 800-1,000 personnel, with up to 3 hot meals a day. It is spacious, comfortable and safe, and it creates a more productive environment that enhances productivity so that food can be cooked and served rapidly to the hungry Warfighter.

Extremely flexible, the CK-E offers the same logistical footprint and utilizes the same container currently used by the Army's existing CK. This New and Improved Field Kitchen is outfitted with Next-Generation energy-efficient closed combustion appliances that can prepare and serve any military food ration:

Key Features:

  • Eliminates Carbon Monoxide exposure
  • Dramatically reduces interior heat and noise
  • Reduces fuel consumption by over 40%
  • Capable of preparing any rations, including the entire family of Unitized Group Rations, cook-chilled, boil-in-the-bag products, and virtually any type of fresh food
  • Easy-to-use, fast setup and shutdown
  • Safe and reliable – burner technology has been fielded for over 25 years in some of the harshest conditions
  • Burns any type of distillate fuel (JP-8, for example) cleanly and efficiently
  • Capable of feeding up to 1,000 three hot meals a day


  1. Two reach-in refrigerators
  2. Heated handwash sink
  3. Food preparation sink
  4. Tray Ration Heating System
  5. Convection Oven
  6. Quiet, 15-gallon stockpot heating module
  7. Griddle
  8. Heated Serving Line

Interior photo of the Containerized Kitchen-Enhanced (CK-E).

Interior photo of the of the Containerized Kitchen-Enhanced (CK-E).

Powered by...

The Babington Airtronic Burner

Babington Airtronic BurnerAt the heart of every CK-E appliance, the Tray Ration Heater, Silent Griddle, Stockpot, Convection Oven, and Heated Serving Line), lies the Babington Airtronic Burner – the world's cleanest, and most energy-efficient distillate fuel burner.

No smoke, no odor, no carbon monoxide

The Babington Airtronic burner stands alone in its ability to burn any distillate fuel or JP-8 cleanly and efficiently, without smoke, odor, or carbon monoxide – from startup to shutdown. It is the only burner that can satisfy the military's mandated clean combustion requirements. Generating fewer than 5 parts per million (ppm) of carbon monoxide (CO) the Babington Airtronic is well within OSHAs limit of 50 ppm in closed rooms. No other burner technology even comes close.

No heat buildup in kitchen, no noise

The DRMKT's closed burner combustion system completely eliminates dangerous levels of heat buildup, exhaust fumes, and noise. Patented heat exchangers, insulation, and ventilation mean a comfortable, noise-free environment for cooks and servers.

And diesel

Why distillate fuel, such as diesel and JP-8?

It's simple, really. The U.S. Military requires all its field systems operate on JP-8, one type of distillate fuel, otherwise known as diesel.

The Babington Airtronic was designed to burn diesel and other distillate fuels cleanly and efficiently. When burned in a Babington Airtronic burner, the heat produced is free of smoke, soot, and carbon monoxide and is produced with a minimum of electrical power. In fact, the entire DRMKT, with its tray ration heater, griddle, convection oven, sanitation system, refrigerator, air exchange fans, air curtains, lights and computer system operates on less than 2,500 watts of power. This is about one-tenth the power required to operate a single commercial electric griddle.

Comparison to other options:

Distillate vs. Propane

  • Safer than propane which poses explosion and fire risks
  • Propane storage requires high pressure tanks
  • Propane is 33% less efficient than distillate fuels
  • Restrictions on travel through tunnels and bridges

Distillate vs. electric:

  • Emergency situations can render external or utility services unavailable
  • Military goes where no utility services are available
  • Energy-inefficient vs distillate
  • Very large generator requires separate vehicle to tow and additional personnel to operate
  • Noise level of built-in or external generator can reduce morale

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