Babington Technology

We are innovating the future of off-grid sustainment and expeditionary field feeding.

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Babington Technology



The Babington Expandable Single Pallet Expeditionary Kitchen is an Air-transportable, rapidly deployable 108” L x 88” W x 90” H Shelter with generator.


Flex Kitchen
Flex Kitchen Interior
Integrated storage and power distribution inputs
Flex Kitchen Tilting Heated Serving Line
Flex Kitchen packed out and ready for transport

The Flex Kitchen represents the perfect marriage between Babington Technology’s state-of-the-art closed combustion technology, efficient heat exchange and appliance design. Babington’s ultra-clean and efficient kitchen appliances are integrated into a 3:1 shelter. The shelter is designed to interface with the standard 463L cargo restraint system, occupying one aviation pallet position (88” by 108”) when stowed. With two personnel, the container can be deployed in less than 15 minutes, making it a highly mobile and versatile field feeding system designed to support virtually any mission.


  • A-Ration & UGR Capable.
  • Company Level Field Kitchen.
  • ATTLA Certified.
  • Three scissor-jacks on each side for wing-wall support.

World's Most Energy Efficient Kitchen

The entire suite of cooking appliances uses 1/6th of the amount of electricity consumed by a single commercial griddle. The entire kitchen system uses 40-60% less fuel than comparable electric kitchen systems.



  • ATTLA certified for internal transport and helicopter sling lift.
  • Integral 463L cargo pallet base loads directly into aircraft cargo restraint system.
  • Four-way forklift-able.
  • Three scissor-jacks on each side for wing-wall support.

Kitchen Equipment

  • Designed with the cook in mind – Insulated appliances with exhaust hoods, reduce heat and noise to help maintain a cool, productive workspace.
  • Wide range of cooking capabilities, including roasting, grilling, boiling, baking, steaming, stewing and pan frying.
  • All appliances are heated by Airtronic burners in closed combustion heat exchangers, which eliminates noise and heat:
  • (1) Convection Oven
  • (1) Silent Griddle
  • (1) 30-Gallon Skillet
  • (1) Tilting Heated Serving Line
  • (1) Tilting Field Sanitation Unit



  • Transportable by: Plane, helicopter, rail, flatbed truck and PLS Flatrack. Two shelters will fit into one 20-foot ISO for overland or ocean transport.