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Babington Technologies


February 12, 2014

Babington Technology continues to expand its Solutions and Support Services in Latin America, appoints Robson Rezende as chief sales executive to head up unit focused on servicing Brazil, Argentina and other countries

McLean, VA
12 February 2014

McLean, VA., February 12, 2014 -- Babington Technology, Inc, a leading expert in the manufacture and distribution of field feeding solutions to military clients and disaster relief first responders, today announced that it has appointed Robson Rezende as its chief sales executive for Babington Technology’s Latin America division. In his new role, Mr. Rezende will be based in Miami, FL and Bras√≠lia, Brazil and will be responsible for spearheading sales and growth in Latin America as well as servicing our existing clients in Argentina.

Mr. Rezende is an experienced sales, marketing and operations executive and he joins Babington Technology after successfully launching several new business ventures in Latin America.

Before joining Babington Technology, Mr. Rezende served as managing partner of Vector International Trading, an International Trading company focused on the buying and selling of commodity products, e.g., sugar, iron ore as well as food products (chicken, dairy products and produce) produced in Brazil. Prior to that he served in different sales executive roles for Sky Latin America, DirectTV Latin America and Digital Latin America.

Mr. Rezende will lead efforts aimed at expanding Babington Technology's field feeding equipment solutions to customers throughout Latin America. Recently, Babington Technology was awarded a contract to provide its state-of-the-art field feeding solutions to meet Argentine Army's "Field Kitchen for Temporary Evacuation Centers" solicitation. Babington Technology’s field feeding equipment solutions will play a key role in modernizing the Argentine Army’s expeditionary cooking and feeding capabilities, as well as emergency response capabilities.

“We are delighted to be able to add someone of Mr. Rezende’s qualifications to our team,” said Austin Bachmann, Director of Sales, Marketing and Business Development. “Our customers and prospects are telling us that there are needs for clean and efficient cooking and field feeding that are being unmet in Latin American and elsewhere. Robson will help us address those needs and support our clients while bringing his invaluable knowledge and expertise.”

About Babington Technology

Babington Technology is leader in safe, clean and efficient liquid fuel combustion technology as well as heat-on-the-move field feeding systems used by the U.S. military, disaster relief organizations and other commercial entities. Babington is a pioneer in clean and efficient combustion technology, and applies its manufacturing expertise and innovation in the field of fuel atomization to support efforts to modernize field feeding operations. We are dedicated to supporting the American Warfighter and disaster relief first responders. The company has its chief manufacturing operations in Rocky Mount, NC.


Media contact:
Austin Bachmann
Director, Sales, Marketing & Business Development
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