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Babington Technologies


December 6, 20122

Babington Technology, Inc. announces that its equipment will be used for field feeding operations to support the Presidential Inauguration

Rocky Mount, NC, December 6, 2012 – Babington Technology, Inc., a leading provider of heat-on-the-move and field feeding equipment to the U.S. Military and Disaster Relief Agencies, announced today that the Disaster Relief Mobile Kitchen Trailer (DRMKT) and the Single Pallet Expeditionary Kitchen (SPEK) will be used to feed thousands of National Guard members who are being called upon to support local, state and federal agencies during the week leading to and including the 57th Presidential Inauguration ( on Monday, January 21, 2013.

More than 6,000 citizen-soldiers and airmen from around the country will provide security, medical and other support services in the days leading up to and including the Jan. 21 inauguration. The 113th Wing “Capital Guardians” will lead the efforts to provide logistical, communication, medical and field feeding support to ensure that the event is a safe and secure environment for Inauguration attendees.

“We were pleased to support the field feeding operations of the Air National Guard during the 2009 presidential inauguration with our Single Pallet Expeditionary Kitchen,” said Robert Babington, founder and CEO of Babington Technology. “And we’re proud to introduce the world’s only distillate fueled mobile kitchen, which will greatly enhance the Air National Guard’s capabilities to respond and feed thousands while operating cleanly, efficiently and quietly, without overheating the kitchen.”

About Babington Technology

Babington Technology is leader in safe, clean and efficient liquid fuel combustion technology as well as heat-on-the-move field feeding systems used by the U.S. military, disaster relief organizations and other commercial entities. Babington is a pioneer in clean and efficient combustion technology, and applies its manufacturing expertise and innovation in the field of fuel atomization to support efforts to modernize field feeding operations. We are dedicated to supporting the American Warfighter and disaster relief first responders. The company has its chief manufacturing operations in Rocky Mount, NC.


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