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Babington Technologies


June 22, 2015

Babington Technology, a local Rocky Mount, NC Tech Company, and UN Refugee Agency Testing Better Ways to Feed Thousands of Children in Refugee Camps in Ethiopia

Rocky Mount, NC, June 22, 2015 –Babington Technology, Inc., a leader in safe, clean and economical liquid fuel combustion technology today announced a donation of almost $75,000 in specially adapted cooking equipment to feed thousands of children in refugee camps in Ethiopia. The donation supports a humanitarian partnership with the Project Gaia initiative, Horn of Africa Regional Environmental Centre and Network (HoA-REC&N), and the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) to identify affordable, sustainable alternatives to inefficient and unsafe traditional ovens that are dangerously depleting wood and other natural resources in developing nations.

“Ever since we became aware of the millions of people dying each year from the use of dirty cook stoves in the developing world we’ve been eager to find a way to make our clean burner technology available, said Andy Babington, Vice President and General Manager of Babington Technology. “Through this humanitarian partnership, Gaia and the UN are helping prove our technology can save lives and greatly improve the quality of life for people all over the world.”

The Babington cook stoves manufactured in Rocky Mount, NC are being air freighted to the Pugnido Refugee Camp, one of five camps in the Gambella region of Ethiopia. Started in 1986, the camp serves as a long-term temporary home for more than 62,000 refugees, primarily seeking refuge from ongoing fighting in South Sudan. Together the five camps house about 270,000 refugees, a population almost double that of the Rocky Mount Metropolitan statistical area. Of those, about 80 percent are women and 70 percent children, including at least 13,700 children separated from their parents and families.

Most of the high-efficiency stoves will be used in four school kitchens that prepare food for elementary and junior secondary school children. Several of the appliances will also be deployed for research and demonstration purposes at the new HoA-REC&N center at the Gullele Botanical Gardens and at Project Gaia’s partner organization, GAIA Association, at Bole Medhanialem in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s capitol city.

The first shipment of appliances includes two Powered Multi-fuel Burners, a Multi-Function Cook Station with griddle and stockpot accessory, two burner maintenance kits and a large double boiler for cooking the local staple corn-soya blend meal. A second shipment of stoves will be sent to Ethiopia later this year.

Babington is best known for unique “heat-on-the-move” field feeding systems used by the U.S. military and major disaster relief organizations in the U.S. and around the world. The Babington appliances burn any liquid fuel available, including heavy fuels like traditional diesel and renewable biodiesel and bio-oils. Because they burn fuel so efficiently they are also safer than alternatives available, especially wood and dung-burning ovens widely used in Africa.

The superior efficiencies of Babington appliances are attributed to the Babington Airtronic Burner, which uses an innovative liquid atomization principle invented and patented by former NASA engineer Robert S. Babington, the company’s founder. Known as the “Babington Principle,” the Airtronic burner creates a superfine mist of any liquid. This mist is composed of submicron-sized particles, produced at very low pressure, which burn like a gas when ignited. The small particle size means that any fuel can be burned with no smoke, odor or carbon monoxide.

The rugged burner has been used by the U.S. military since 1995, when the company was awarded its first contract by the U.S. Marine Corps for its groundbreaking Tray Ration Heating System. The company continues to innovate, designing new products to meet changing needs, like the all-in-one Disaster Relief Mobile Kitchen Trailer developed for first responders to provide mass feeding in emergency situations. More than 200 million meals have been cooked with this technology for American troops and disaster relief agencies at home and abroad.

Babington’s new partnership with the Government of Ethiopia, UNHCR, HoA-REC&N and Project Gaia demonstrates the company’s commitment to continued innovation and use of its technology to meet the multi-faceted needs of a growing world.

Project Gaia is a U.S.-based non-profit organization with partners and affiliates in Africa and around the world. Its mission is to popularize clean-burning, low-carbon fuels in developing and emerging economies. Project Gaia is partnering with the Ethiopian Government, HoA-REC&N, UNHCR, and the Ethiopia World Health Organization Country Office to implement a pilot study to demonstrate the value of safer, sustainably-fueled cook stoves with the Babington cooking appliances.

About Babington Technology

Babington Technology is leader in safe, clean and efficient liquid fuel combustion technology as well as heat-on-the-move field feeding systems used by the U.S. military, disaster relief organizations and other commercial entities. Babington is a pioneer in clean and efficient combustion technology, and applies its manufacturing expertise and innovation in the field of fuel atomization to support efforts to modernize field feeding operations. We are dedicated to supporting the American Warfighter and disaster relief first responders. The company has its chief manufacturing operations in Rocky Mount, NC.


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