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We are innovators in clean and efficient combustion and liquid atomization technology.

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Babington Technologies


Feeding Systems for U.S. Military

Army and National Guard – Fueling the Warfighter

Feeding systems for the U.S. MilitaryFeeding the most powerful US Army Forces Command in history remains to be an innovative and logistical challenge.  US Army and National Guard components operate in fully integrated joint service operations all over the world – constantly transitioning between peacekeeping missions, combat preparation, domestic response and intense combat operations.  At its core its all about the Warfighter where diet and nutrition are mission critical to maintaining a sound mind and body. 

Babington Technology recognizes that it takes advanced food service equipment and world class logistical support to sustain today’s Warfighter.  Whether its in the garrison, forwarding operating bases or remote villages – the US Army and National Guard need the right equipment and ehanced mobility for the desired mission.

Current Systems:

  • Assault Kitchen

Proposed Systems:


USMC and Reserves – Fueling the Warfighter

Feeding systems for the U.S. MilitaryThe US Marine Corps and Marine Corps Reserves live in a constant state of change and must be fueled nutritionally in some of the harshest conditions known to man. This means field feeding equipment must work reliably in extreme enviornments in both land and sea forward operations.  In short, food service equipment must be as mobile and adaptable as the Marines themselves.

Babington Technology has been designing and manufacturing rapidly deployable feeding solutions for the Marine Corps for 20 years. Our goal is to design globally compatible equipment capable of feeding any balanced menu from platoon size up to Marine Air-Ground Task Force operations in all enviornments. To accomplish this goal, Babington works directly with Marine Corps food service personell in a constant feedback loop; integrating and adapting leading edge burner technology from lessons learned in the field.

Current Systems


Air Force and Air National Guard – Fueling the Warfighter

Feeding systems for the U.S. MilitaryEnhancing the feeding capbility of the US Air Force (USAF) and Air National Guard (ANG) is foremost to Babington Technology. The centerpiece of Air Force Field Feeding is the Air Force Basic Force Module Phasing Plan for Air Expeditionary Force (AEF) deployments. The AEF phasing plan, designed to support field feeding for increments of 550 Warfighters, involves a number of integrated field feeding and commercial kitchen solutions.

Designed specifically for rapid deployment during domestic operations, Babington Technology is currently undergoing Air Transportability certifications for its Domestic Response Mobile Kitchen product solutions.

Current Systems


Navy and Seabees – Fueling the Warfighter

Feeding systems for the U.S. MilitaryDriven by best commercial practices, Babington Technology has designed and developed leading edge solutions through its working relationship with active duty Air Force and Air National Guard program directors.

Current Systems